Employee Benefits

WEX offers a comprehensive and competitive benefits package designed to help make life better - at work and at home.

We believe employee wellbeing drives overall engagement and morale, which positively impacts business results. Know what opportunities are available to you as an employee of WEX.
We care about WEXers and the communities where we live and work. 
WEX defines wellbeing as a balance of five essential elements: financial, career,  wellness, social,  and community, which all support the employee at the center philosophy. Our listed programs demonstrate this approach.

Financial benefits

Financial wellness is a key component of a WEXer’s overall wellbeing, and WEX offers programs, tools, and support for you and your family.

Career development and support

WEX offers a variety of programs aimed to support career growth and individual development. We want you to grow your career at WEX, and we support you each step of the way.

Health and wellness benefits

WEX is dedicated to providing benefits that help you protect what’s most important — your health, families, and overall wellbeing.

Internal networking and social connections

WEX offers employees the opportunity to connect across the world through interactive platforms and programs. One of our core values is to team up, and that means WEXers get to know each other professionally and personally.

Community investment and volunteerism

WEX knows the importance of supporting and contributing to the communities we work in and offers a variety of ways for employees to get involved.