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Our early careers internship programs are designed to prepare and empower next-gen talent like you.  Together, let's get you on the road to success. 

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Internships are short-term work experiences, often during summer breaks, that allow students or recent graduates to gain practical knowledge and skills in their chosen field.

WEX offers limited internships during the Fall and Winter when necessary.


Co-op (cooperative education) programs are academic programs that alternate periods of study with periods of paid work in related industries.

This allows students to gain practical experience while completing their education. Must be supported by the school’s curriculum.

Apprenticeships combine on-the-job training with classroom instruction, allowing individuals to learn specialized skills in trades and crafts.
Specialty programs
These are unique programs that have specific areas of focus for WEX.

These programs change on a regular basis and range from supporting High School, IT progressional, and STEP programs.  They are put into place to help students and early career professionals gain knowledge of how corporations operate.
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Our early career programs prepare you for a lifetime of satisfying, meaningful work. At WEX, you'll work alongside experienced colleagues from across the business as a valued member of the team. Your voice and contributions matter to us, and your career development is a priority here.

Interning at WEX is a summer full of learning,
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Spend your summer with WEX in any one of our many internships, and you are automatically enrolled in our award-winning internship program. You’ll work with your team on important projects, and you’ll be part of an intern community that gives you exposure to all areas of WEX, a variety of management styles, and lots of fun - virtual and in-person. 

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Learn what to expect as an intern here at WEX in the US and around the globe. 

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